STEP 1: Find your ancestor’s name.

For most people alive now, it will be your Great-Great Grandfather/Great-Great-Great (3G), Grandfather or 4G/5G Uncle

Places to search include:

  1. Family history
  2. Family Records
  3. Town Records
  4. (Subscription fee): can help you work back through the generations if you have some basic information and time to research.

This search will bring the Civil War to life for you; it is a very rewarding but sometimes frustrating adventure. Be persistent and good hunting!

STEP 2: Search the Civil War Database.

A great place to start is the use of FOLD3. After finding the target name make copies of their Military Record, Pension Record and any other documents available. If you do not have success then you may want to try the following.

STEP 3 Join the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Complete form 3, attach military documents and submit to the nearest Camp.

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