Col George E. Spencer
Camp #67

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The Spencer Camp #67 covers the west and northwest part of Alabama and meets quarterly in different locations.   Col. George E. Spencer Camp #67 was formed in early 2020 from descendants of the 1st Alabama Cavalry, USV.

The charter was issued in November 2020. Named for Col. George E. Spencer, who after the War moved to Alabama and later became Senator from Alabama. He volunteered and was tasked with organizing, training and commanding the recruits from North Alabama who were Southern Unionists after they occupied Tennessee and Northern Mississippi.

These recruits became the 1st Alabama Union Cavalry.  The Spencer Camp #67 is based in Northwest and West Alabama and particularly Winston County, which is also called the Free State of Winston, and surrounding counties, however, members, thus descendants of the First, reside in other States as well.

Northwest Alabama was a hotbed of Union sentiment and many were opposed to secession and were not slave owners which was the primary issue of the War. Many volunteered to join after trying to stay neutral and out of the War but were constantly harassed by CSA Home Guards or Partisan Rangers. Some had family members killed because they would not be forced to fight against the Union. 

The 1st Alabama Cavalry was a constant thorn in the side of the CSA in Mississippi, Tennessee and North Alabama. The 1st is most noted as being chosen by General Sherman to be his personal escort and guards through Georgia and on the March to The Sea after proving themselves earlier in the War. Many other Alabamians from Northwest Alabama joined more than thirty Union regiments from other States as well.

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